Tuesday, September 21, 2010

♥The moments

Say hi to all people. I'm still in bored's moment here.
The class was finish early and I still the same gonna to do my assignment work..
Oouch! need to complete it.
To all my dearest fren in alor setar, I'm so miss them so much..
when you guys all come back, cant waiting outing with you all. hee
I miss the moment we hang out togethers and togethers.
My babe, angelaQiqi and Melissa. I wan to eat the ice that with the flavor YAM. haha
Remember yar, I still waiting the NEXT outing..
Mwah. . .

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chatting 's day

hee.. went to pacific with my two dearest sayang, ah nie and ah girl.
Actually we just at there talk non-stop - gossiping!!
oh my dearest, we really have a lot of topic to talk , right.
Time passed in the fast speed! my college is reopen soon
but I still got a lot of assignment din complete yet.
I think I should be fast to complete all..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

♥ Back !

Hey People, I'm back from penang.
Thanks to Sky for planning the wonderful trip for us, we had fun at that moment.hee.We had the play and I most like Eat's moment. enjoy and enjoy!
Joke and laugh non-stop whole the Trip.

The first day ♥
- The night at Gurney Drive

The second day ♥
-The day at kek lok si temple

-The day at toy museum

The third day ♥
- The lunch at Clinic Cafe

- The day at Batu Ferringi

We were so enjoy the moment at Penang.
Thanks to Ah boy's parent and family members too..
We promise will come again on next time yar.
♥ love the journey!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home !

Home.. Home..
well, I really miss HOME so much especially my bed.
Today was the last week of the class for the Raya holiday.
I was thinking of going home whole day cause the home is so sweet and happiness for me.
The bad stuff for me is I have not a very FREE holiday, people know why. That is because I have a lot of assignment and case study some more the presentation to do it. How bad !
I think I should rush to finish all the stuff as fast as possible.
Tomorrow will have a trip to Penang with my college friends.
Ah boy, I cant waiting meet you ASAP on tomorrow because I know you have already arrange the trip plan for us, really thanks to you so much. hee..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The morning section for me is the class's life.
I have been so early to class because don't want to get scold from my lecturer.
I dislike the punishment - Public Speaking with your late to class reason.
Whoa! Dislike ..
After the class and I still gonna rush to second class that is my digital logic class.
We have done the digital experiment.
Done well in the experiment.

Okayy. People.
I gonna to done my preparation of my presentation for tomorrow.
Good night.