Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

♥ An outing day

Have a date with my dearset Winnie today. It was a wonderful day because we enjoy so much when the outing.
First we went to bank for have a paid of ours college's fee. Time is passing fast and I will say goodbye to my holiday soon, actually is a short semester break because it really not enough for me to get enough rest. I miss holiday and I wanna holiday too. Thanks Winnie for praising my driving skill have improved. hee :D
After the payment of that fee, we have ours shopping moments at that nearest shopping mall. Actually we not buy alots of stuff but ours money seem like have been use alots. So funny ! My dearest Winnie have brought a pair of shoes and yellow color is that shoes color because is her favorite color. For me, I have brought a blouse actually is wearing to college and black and white is that blouse color.
At last, We went to Hooi Jo house and have a chat with her. She is the one my dearest buddy when I’m in secondary school. Actually I miss her alots and wish to see her. I just wish her all the best to her on her form six life and enjoy it. Good luck ! 
We three ♥

- For my dearest baobei
Sorry for didn’t answer your call and the message too because I busy drove car. I know that you will so worry of me. Sorry yar, my dearest! 

♥ miss him

Sunday, November 21, 2010

♥ For him

I miss him! I miss him. That my brain thinks for.
Today, he went back to Petaling Jaya for his college reopen. Actually I am so heavy heart but I know that you too.
I just can wish him all the best at there and remember to take good care of yourself. Addition, need to drink a lots of water and have a meal hours in right time.
I will always remember that all you have say to me and take care of myself. The most important that I know that is do not always get sick because you will so worry of me, I will promise that I will do that all. 

Miss you always , my man. ♥

Saturday, November 20, 2010

♥ one month anniversary

Love him

Today is one month anniversary for my man and me.  Loves this day!
We can say it was a meaningful day for my man and me because we really together happy in this one month moments but I know it not long moments and I just will say I will appreciate it.

Our love is the long lasting kind;
We’ve been together quite awhile.
I love you for so many things,
Your voice, your touch, your kiss, your smile.
You accept me as I am;
I can relax and just be me.
Even when my quirks come out,
You think they’re cute; you let me be.
With you, there’s nothing to resist;
You’re irresistible to me.
I’m drawn to you in total trust;
I give myself to you willingly.
Your sweet devotion never fails;
You view me with a patient heart.
You love me, dear, no matter what.
You’ve been that way right from the start.
Those are just a few reasons why
I’ll always love you like I do.
We’ll have a lifetime full of love,
And it will happen because of you.

The saying for my man -
Thanks my man for giving the happiness for me. I really enjoy the moments with you and the sweetness too.  No matter the next moments will become how and I just will say I will stay by your side accompany you in every moments.  I love that the caring moments and you just like a special person that always know my mind thinking with the full of heartness caring. Well, you are always be fine with me even I’m in bad mood moments and you think a way to make me happy no matter how hard you will also try to do it in best. I really so touched with that everything that you have done to me. As like people say, the trust of each other is needed and important role for a couple. We just can say that we done it with success. 
I love you! my dearest.

Friday, November 19, 2010

♥ Loves the day

Hey people! A new of me right now because I had changed my new hairstyle. ♥
Well. Today is girl's birthday and we have plan a big and amazing surprise to her. 
the cupcakes

the birthday gal and sky

She loves the surprise so much and the "Andox" cupcakes from Sky. She so touched when saw the cupcakes that full with purple colour decoration and a couple of andox. hee.. [ I dream to have it too ]
Hope that she likes the present that we had gave her. :D And wish her happy birthday! ♥
The afternoon moments, I had a sweet outing with my man, Vincent. He brought his sister's daughter shopping and togethers with me. I'm so enjoy the moments because we are so sweet and with a little girl. hee.. It's seem like outing with a family. The litter girl also enjoy the moments with him and me. 
After the shopping hours, we went to his mummy house and visited her. I so shame when talked with his mother and I just smile non-stop. How when I will become very shame that why I fell so strange. Then, we fetch the litter girl backed to home and went to his house to have a dinner cooked.

the dishes
  Wow! The first time I cooked at his house. That a funny moments and I so enjoy the cooking moments with him. His cooking skill is better than me. We had a plate of spaghetti and steam fish. hee. Oh no! I am so full with that all the dishes and I think him too.

At last, I just thanks to him for the whole accompany moments together with me because I really happy with that moments. ♥ I will appreciate all that you has gave me. Loves you! My dearest man.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A sweet day for me

A fresh day for me! hee
Today outing with my two dearest that is winnie and ching.
The one who always be good with me, her name Winnie. I loves her so much my dearest friend because she is the one who always take care of me, think for my own good and sharing the good with me.:D
Ching a.k.a my lovely daughter. :) I miss her so much. She also the one who take care of me and sharing the happiness with me. 
We three are crazy shopping because buy so much of stuff especially Ching. I'm so enjoy the outing when we buy things and laugh non-stop. The moments that I love so much because the laughter and the happiness. hee! 
I totally can say out that is I still waiting the next outing. Remember ! 
The bad new that I receive from baobei,Yiko, is that my baobei mei have break with his man. I was so frighten with this new and I cant believe it. I and Yiko also dont know how to help and giving some advise ours baobei mei. I and Yiko just wish her don't do wrong decision. Just wish her everythings will be fine. Loves her.. 
The night moments, I outing with him. Who the one always loves me. hee. I was so happy to see him back and meet me. I am totally full of happiness when the moments when I saw him. I enjoy the dinner moments with him and his friends. His friends so chubby because saying jokes non-stop! hee..
I loves that his take care and the way he treat me. Thanks so much to him that give me that happiness that i never have before.  
Three words can say out to him that is - ily. 

Miss him! ❤

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Freedom day

hey people!
I was so long did't blogging and i miss my blog home so much. I totally full of a word " busy" when the moment i did't not blogging. Totally can said out busy till so tired because i'm having exam and because of flooded that make me can't back home even my exam also needed to postpone till so long time.
My man is coming back today. I'm miss him so much. Thanks for him coming back to meet me. I'm waiting ours first dating ! hee 
But today he will back to butterworth first beacuse wanna to meet his beloved grandma. So will meet me on 18 nov. :D
tonight will meet my dearest buddies at time cafe. miss them so much! 
Waiting for tonight coming..  

i miss him.