Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♥ A Day

A day! Like usual I had my class for today but my eye always in dropping to close because SLEEPY is the best word to describe.
Soft skill is the first class for today and it's just was a relax moments on the class with the joyful and laughter. It's was so funny, the lecturer showed the image to the one who will give order to us to done a drawing and I be the one who will draw out the drawing. The image is a animal picture and it combine up with different animal's body part. The communication with friends are so joyful. Here I showed my drawing but it seem like so strange and ugly.

just share the drawing.

Well, I truly miss-ing for the right now moments . I imma to dream to see him. My baobei, you must be have good care to yourself before going back to see me and I just wanna you always in good condition in everything. Miss you alots

Waiting - two days more

Sunday, January 23, 2011

♥ Pass By

Hey people!
Today was a day for me and I just pass by with a normal mode. Early for wake up and after the breakfast then have a day at college. But don't know why I just feel so happy for my today mood. Emmm... Why? I think is the last night my dearest text have let me to be shine my day.
Well! I just pass the day at college and like usual have class. Funny can describe to me is because I rush for going to first class and when I reached there just received text from my classmate saying NO CLASS for today. Oh no! My world just like "stop for awhile". At last, I spend my hours at my classmate's house.
The moments at my digital media class and I just pass with done the control video for a ball. hehehe.. At last I have done it and feel so proud of myself. Here! I showed the video and just be share here.

Yesterday was my dearest baobei Caphy birthday. We include Me, Yiko and Mei have shared a gift and for her. I hope Caphy will like it so much and the colour is in PURPLE colour, that we favorite. Happy Birthday to you ya!

For my dearest man, I can't waiting to wait you come back because I really so miss you but I know that you too. Say truly, I miss your cooking meal so much especially the soup. When you back, we must hang out to have a movie show because we already didn't watch movie together for a long time. At last, I just will say I will be good to waiting you back because you will wanna me to do it too, right!

I miss to see you, my dearest.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

♥ Yes , I do.

If your asking if I need you

The answer is Forever

If your asking if I'll leave you

The answer is Never

If you asking if what i value

The answer is You

If your asking is I love you

The answer is I Do

My baobei, I feel so touched when I saw this message that you're text for me. I just don't know how to said out my feeling that how happy I was and this text that you're wrote by yourself. For me, the text is just same with my thinking too beacuse you're mine.

For me, I just will say -
Yes , I do.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

♥ Renew

NEW. I been say out this is because I had renew my new background and the song too for my blog.
Feel so sweet and comfortable with the floral of this new background. Smile~ be nice..
I love the floral so much especially the vintage floral! Seem like I will be more mature when the day I starting to love the floral's stuff. It's really looks so beauty and I just can't deny to say NO.
I have been so long time din't update for my blog post. So for the next moments of time, I will let myself to have time to update it.

p/s - gonna to rush for the station -homework!

♥ I miss him alots

Monday, January 3, 2011


Within just a blink of an eye, a year is past that fast. We can't deny to say out the time passes very fast and it just seem like passes a minute. It's the time to say goodbye for 2010 years and welcome for 2011 year. I totally say that I have been pass with happily through out the year. I had alots of happy memory, thanks for the happiness memories made my life in the year be more fine and full of happiness and laughter. The most happiness memories for me is that I had found my MR.Right - Vincent. He the guy who love me more that everything, who will be always have a good care of me. Thanks for him alots to care me in well. ILY
My dearest Friends, thanks for this half year of the acomapany in the college.
My classmate and my baobei - Yiko, Caphy, Mei. I had alots memories with them in the college life, full with laughter and happiness.
Well! The new year for me, i should learn be more mature and done well in every stuff. I gonna to make my life shine. So in right now, I gonna be hard in doing what kind of stuff even though the stuff is full of hardness. Try my best is the best way to say! I wanna make the year full of happiness and success in every part of stuff.
~ Here , I wish :
- I will be more mature and success in every part of stuff especially my study.
- I wish that my family members in well health and happy always.
- I wish that my Man be fine in everythings and have alots sweet moments with me.
- I wish that my dearest baobei always happy and gonna enjoy the new year with me.

2011 is gonna be year!
~i love you all- wish everything will be fine in this NEW year.