Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ღ Cake moments

The day just like usual have class but just a short moments because I just have one class on today.
Today we have ours first Curriculum ( basketball ) meeting. After finished the meeting hours, my dear [ Yiko, Caphy , Mei ] and me have ours tea time at Secret Recipe. Hee.. We have our time there to enjoy ours favourite cheese cake and "gossiping" time there. Have the sweet fun with my three dear and enjoy it so much. I love to be with them because we have same hearts in every part of favourite and life thinking. Always be same thinking.. ღ

"For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.”
That why the cakes - I loves.
Espresso cheese cake ღ

Monday, December 13, 2010

ღ latest post

People! Vivian is come back and I have to post up the latest post. Actually I have so much things to share at here. I had a motivation camp at Kem Mega Crystal, Kuala Selangor on 2 - 6 December. It's really a wonderful and fun camp. I had learn so many knowledge from there and actually is like a camp that have relation with ours Malaysia culture. The special is that I had known many friends from other state polytechnic. I'm truly enjoy the moments and I love the moment when we have our time to see the fireflies that was my first time to see the fireflies. hee :X

Last Friday I had my first photoshooting with my cousin. Oh no ! that is first for me but at last I 'm enjoy the shooting. Thanks for my man had sponsor money for my photoshooting, I know that you sayang me. hee. I had chosen the green of colour for my dinner dress shooting and a purple colour casual wear. I'm totally look mature when wore up the dinner dress, totally different from my other normal look. The gathering with my dearest buddies held on 11 December and I really miss them so much. We had our sang K- moments. hee.. Totally is full of happiness with them.
Well, I had a wedding dinner on Sunday night. I was so long time didn't meet with my relatives that why I will talk non-stop with them at that dinner moments . hehehe..
I loves the decoration of the wedding dinner. The couple of bride and bridegroom look so sweet.

Look! my small cousin is so cute with his "supermen" spectacle.

Till here for my late post. Just be share..