Tuesday, February 22, 2011

❤ The late

Hey people ! So sorry for a long time didn't update my blog page.
Here I wanna share up ~

14.02.2011 [ My sweet Valentine ]
Hey my man, I really surprise that you're told me that you wanna came back to have a sweet Valentine's day with me. I really enjoy the moment with him because this was ours first Valentine, it's really so sweet-ful.. ! Hope you like the present that I had gave you and the BIG card too.
Thanks the present that you had gave to me. Love it so much !

The dinner meal that we had together ~

15.02.2011 [ Hang out moments ]
Hang out on the moments at Secret Recipes ~
Have a high-tea hours with him.

19.02.2011 [ A day for us ]
Together with him and have the moments at shopping complex.
Have snap moments ~

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