Wednesday, April 20, 2011

♥ The Sweetness Between us ♥

Tick Tock ~ Tick Tock ~ Tick Tock ~
The second,minutes,hours,days of the the time is passing fast moment, never been stop for some reason and it just time forward to ours day life journey.
My hubby, we already been together in 182 days (6 month). It's really fast when the day is passing a day and a day. Between in this moments together with you, I had a lots of happiness and joyful, we pass with a lot enjoyment. I just say I love that because of you.
We still got a lot happiness moments to pass by together, because we are promise between each others that we will stick each others no matter what are happened. So, we gonna to remembered and done that. This is ours eternity promise, don't broke it. There are nothings and no one separate us who we above found in ours dearest love.

I just wanna say - I Love You !

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