Friday, November 19, 2010

♥ Loves the day

Hey people! A new of me right now because I had changed my new hairstyle. ♥
Well. Today is girl's birthday and we have plan a big and amazing surprise to her. 
the cupcakes

the birthday gal and sky

She loves the surprise so much and the "Andox" cupcakes from Sky. She so touched when saw the cupcakes that full with purple colour decoration and a couple of andox. hee.. [ I dream to have it too ]
Hope that she likes the present that we had gave her. :D And wish her happy birthday! ♥
The afternoon moments, I had a sweet outing with my man, Vincent. He brought his sister's daughter shopping and togethers with me. I'm so enjoy the moments because we are so sweet and with a little girl. hee.. It's seem like outing with a family. The litter girl also enjoy the moments with him and me. 
After the shopping hours, we went to his mummy house and visited her. I so shame when talked with his mother and I just smile non-stop. How when I will become very shame that why I fell so strange. Then, we fetch the litter girl backed to home and went to his house to have a dinner cooked.

the dishes
  Wow! The first time I cooked at his house. That a funny moments and I so enjoy the cooking moments with him. His cooking skill is better than me. We had a plate of spaghetti and steam fish. hee. Oh no! I am so full with that all the dishes and I think him too.

At last, I just thanks to him for the whole accompany moments together with me because I really happy with that moments. ♥ I will appreciate all that you has gave me. Loves you! My dearest man.

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