Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A sweet day for me

A fresh day for me! hee
Today outing with my two dearest that is winnie and ching.
The one who always be good with me, her name Winnie. I loves her so much my dearest friend because she is the one who always take care of me, think for my own good and sharing the good with me.:D
Ching a.k.a my lovely daughter. :) I miss her so much. She also the one who take care of me and sharing the happiness with me. 
We three are crazy shopping because buy so much of stuff especially Ching. I'm so enjoy the outing when we buy things and laugh non-stop. The moments that I love so much because the laughter and the happiness. hee! 
I totally can say out that is I still waiting the next outing. Remember ! 
The bad new that I receive from baobei,Yiko, is that my baobei mei have break with his man. I was so frighten with this new and I cant believe it. I and Yiko also dont know how to help and giving some advise ours baobei mei. I and Yiko just wish her don't do wrong decision. Just wish her everythings will be fine. Loves her.. 
The night moments, I outing with him. Who the one always loves me. hee. I was so happy to see him back and meet me. I am totally full of happiness when the moments when I saw him. I enjoy the dinner moments with him and his friends. His friends so chubby because saying jokes non-stop! hee..
I loves that his take care and the way he treat me. Thanks so much to him that give me that happiness that i never have before.  
Three words can say out to him that is - ily. 

Miss him! ❤

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