Wednesday, January 26, 2011

♥ A Day

A day! Like usual I had my class for today but my eye always in dropping to close because SLEEPY is the best word to describe.
Soft skill is the first class for today and it's just was a relax moments on the class with the joyful and laughter. It's was so funny, the lecturer showed the image to the one who will give order to us to done a drawing and I be the one who will draw out the drawing. The image is a animal picture and it combine up with different animal's body part. The communication with friends are so joyful. Here I showed my drawing but it seem like so strange and ugly.

just share the drawing.

Well, I truly miss-ing for the right now moments . I imma to dream to see him. My baobei, you must be have good care to yourself before going back to see me and I just wanna you always in good condition in everything. Miss you alots

Waiting - two days more

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