Sunday, January 23, 2011

♥ Pass By

Hey people!
Today was a day for me and I just pass by with a normal mode. Early for wake up and after the breakfast then have a day at college. But don't know why I just feel so happy for my today mood. Emmm... Why? I think is the last night my dearest text have let me to be shine my day.
Well! I just pass the day at college and like usual have class. Funny can describe to me is because I rush for going to first class and when I reached there just received text from my classmate saying NO CLASS for today. Oh no! My world just like "stop for awhile". At last, I spend my hours at my classmate's house.
The moments at my digital media class and I just pass with done the control video for a ball. hehehe.. At last I have done it and feel so proud of myself. Here! I showed the video and just be share here.

Yesterday was my dearest baobei Caphy birthday. We include Me, Yiko and Mei have shared a gift and for her. I hope Caphy will like it so much and the colour is in PURPLE colour, that we favorite. Happy Birthday to you ya!

For my dearest man, I can't waiting to wait you come back because I really so miss you but I know that you too. Say truly, I miss your cooking meal so much especially the soup. When you back, we must hang out to have a movie show because we already didn't watch movie together for a long time. At last, I just will say I will be good to waiting you back because you will wanna me to do it too, right!

I miss to see you, my dearest.

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