Wednesday, March 9, 2011

♥ Missing Someone You Love ♥

Missing the person you truly love is painful. Be it your life partner, a family member or your best friend - open up your heart and express your feelings. The distance does not matter, you may be miles away, but memories of the times together can bridge the gap.

I Miss You in different languages.

Mandarin- Wo xiang ni
Malay - Saya rindu awak
Tamil - Nee illaamal thavikkiren
Thai - Chan khidthung thex
Japanese - Anata ga i naku te sabishii desu
Korean - Dangsin-ibogo sipseubnida
German - Ich vermisse dich
French - Tu me manques
Italian - Mi manchi
Spanish - Te echo de menos
Portuguese - Sinto saudades de voce
Greek - Mou leipeis
Serbian - Uzeleo sam te se
Russian - Ya po tebe skuchau

My dearest man , I'm truly miss you right now!

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