Thursday, March 24, 2011

♥ Take a Deep Breath ♥

Hey people, is so sorry for a long moment didn't been update my blog. This week I had been full-pack with the schedule of the study week to finish the assignment and the exam for end term is around the corner. That's so worst week in my whole life because I'm unhealthy on that moment and I still need to be handle all the task, that really suffered me!
For my dearest, sorry for you that I no have the much time to have a accompany you. It's really so sorry and I know that sure you understanding of me. The stuff that make you so worry is worry of my health, right? am so sorry that I not been good to take care of myself and get myself down. I promise no have next moment, I will let myself to be strong, okay ! deal?
Time's really passing with fast moment, the time for me is really not enough to handle the be coming final test. But anyway i just should let myself be strong to handle all of this.
At last,I can truly have the enough rest for me.

- Take a Deep Breath - that i wish ~

Miss you ~ Dearest!

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